Monday, November 9, 2009

Pelosicare AND Stupak Passes the House

Big weekend in politics. Democrats actually managed to get a vote started on Saturday for the Pelosicare bill. The surprising thing isn't that it passed. With the Democratic majority, it would have been a demostration of pure incompetence if it hadn't. The event that struck me as important (as a Catholic and a tax payer) was the passage of the Stupak amendment, which prevents the tax payer funding of abortion. Dems and their supporters were fighting tooth and nail trying to keep the Stupak Amendment out of the equation. The argument was that the bill didn't concern abortion, so an amendment preventing the funding of abortion was unnecessary. Kind of a funny thing to get so worked up about, don't you think? If its not in the bill, why the worry about an amendment that would make sure funding couldn't get slipped in? Perhaps thats what the plan was all along? Kudos to Mr. Stupak for following through. Time to see what the Senate has to offer!

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