Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Italian ruling: Is it far reaching?

A couple of days ago, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that it was illegal for Italian public schools to have crucifixes in classrooms. The ECHR, a body of the European Union, is an outside body "apart" from the individual nations of the EU. While it can't enforce the removal of crucifixes from Italian schools, it can force the Italian gov't to put together a report on how they plan to address this perceived "problem." Which, in this case, would mean the removal of Christian symbols from the public sphere.

I think its the Lisbon Treaty that makes the decisions of this court binding on all members of the EU. Is the crucifix situation in Italy the only target with this type of decision? Ireland and Poland have both become targets of legislative (if you can call what the EU does legislative) and judicial (see prior statement) bullying by big money groups trying to force abortion on every member of the European Union. These two nations alone have defended their sovereignty by refusing to accepted that abortion is a universal "right," preserving restrictions on this barbaric practice.

The EU has done a successful job at spreading a philosophy of moral relativism across lands that once were the bastions of Christendom. This has created a vacuum of sorts. If you have basic knowledge of biology, you're aware that nature abhors a vacuum. A moral vacuum has been created in Europe, and there's two groups vying to fill it. The newest group filling this void is Islam, fueled by north African and Middle Eastern immigration. The older kid on the block filling this void is the Catholic Church. I'm pretty sure that our current Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, is greatly aware of this situation. His controversial address several years ago at Regensburg, a criticism of modern Islam, proves it. Islam, namely the militant type, has demonstrated its readiness to fill this void in Europe.

Now, the thing I'm trying to get at is the question of whether or not this EU mindset will, or already has made its way across the pond and infiltrated the American mindset. 27 nations gave up their basic national sovereignty when they joined the EU, with more knocking on the door, seemingly oblivious to what they're sacrificing. In many ways, I think the EU philosophy of state enforced amoralism disguised as political correctness has been at work here for a few decades. I try not to be partisan, but lets face it, I am. When bigtime liberals gain influence in American government, they look to one of their favorite overseas examples, post-WWII Europe. Europe was bled white by WWI and WWII, challenging their belief in what they were. The powers that be in Europe ever since have failed to live up to that challenge and have pretty much forgotten what made Europe...European.

Will America face this challenge head on with conviction, or fold like our neighbors across the pond?

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