Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cali Judge Rules Against the Voice of the People

Just a few moments ago, a California judge ruled against Prop 8, which passed by a rather large margin in November 2008. Prop 8 banned same-sex marriage in the state of California, upholding the traditional value of marriage between one man and one woman. Californians demonstrated an enormous amount of guts and bravery when they voted their conscience. But, like in Iowa and Massachusetts, a judge decided that the democratic vote held by the people of their state was irrelevent. The judge overturned the vote after two gay couples (in San Francisco, of all places!) brought suit against the proposition, calling it a discriminatory law which denied civil rights.

I guess voting really is important...unless some judge disagrees with you.


  1. November 2nd coming up! You registered? Can't wait to see the outcomes. Hope your well in the heartland.


  2. You still blogging? I hope you are well in the heartland. God bless from