Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Health Care teams up with Law and Order?

Maybe it is just me...perhaps I'm just being hypersensitive. But, did anyone one else watch tv the night the Obama-care bill was passed? During my lunch break from work, I was flippin' through the channels with my wife and stopped at "Law and Order." What I saw was a full episode of anti-Catholic propaganda, and the last few minutes of another show that seemed like it was on the same path. You probably know the routine: Catholics hate gay people, we're super intolerant, priests are all deviants, we hate women, so on and so forth...

I think if I hadn't been watching coverage of the health care reform debates all day, I might not even have noticed it. But, the second it started to soak in, it made me a little sick to my stomach. It just seemed a little too convenient and well timed. Its old school politics to demonize the primary opposition with lies and bigotry, but, its usually not quite so obvious.

Like I said...maybe its just me. But I doubt it.

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