Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obama Admin. Threatens Base Closure

It was reported yesterday in The Weekly Standard that Nebraska Democrat, Senator Ben Nelson, received a phone call from someone within in the Obama administration. Now remember, Senator Nelson is the same senator who proposed the amendment which would have stopped funding of abortion in the senate health care bill. He has mentioned that he would stand in opposition to the bill if abortion funding was included. He represents an important vote for Democrats if this bill is to move forward.

Now, back to the phone call. It is reported from sources in the Senate that a member of the administration called the senator and threatened to add Offutt Air force Base to the infamous BRAC list, which is the list of military bases up for closure. Spokes people within both senator Nelson's office and the Obama admin. are denying these charges. But, that's not really all that surprising, its Democrats protecting Democrats. This is simply another example of the trend this current government put into place of so-called "Chicago Style" politics.

So far in the health care marathon, there have been a couple examples. The senator from the great state of Louisiana, Mary Landrieu, was bought off in exchange for a yes vote, reportedly with $300 million of our tax money. Senator Nelson is, apparently, being strong armed with threats to get a yes vote, using our national defense as a poker chip. The president's administration is in bed with unions (SEIU), so these baseball bat tactics don't come as surprising. "Czars" of extremely questionable backgrounds are being appointed to high posts without congressional review, and definitely without public review.

This is what it looks like when a democracy becomes undemocratic and begins the journey to the state of being "something else." What that something else might be, I'm not sure yet. I can't help but look back to the Manhattan Declaration and its call to Christian conscience. I honestly don't know what the situation might be in a year. American history has very few precedents for us to look back on and take wisdom from in regards to the possible complete erosion of the American system. Not only is the political system being severely compromised, but the philosophy which that system is based.

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